Stockholm's housing market

The housing market in Stockholm is difficult, and the lack of both student-housing and other housing options can make the whole process very challenging. Subleasing could then be an option.

When an apartment or a room is rented through a sublease, there should be a written agreement/contract between both parties. According to Swedish law there must also be an approval from the lessor or housing association, which is subletting the apartments/rooms.

Please note that you need to get your own home-insurance if you are living with someone.

To avoid becoming a victim of fraud, we have a checklist that should always be followed:


  1. Look at the accommodation before answering yes.
  2. Do not pay any money before you have written an contract.
  3. Before moving in, discuss house-rules, for example access to common areas.
  4. Always get a recite on paid rent, for example a bank statement.

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