Tenancy agreements

It is important to write a contract when you are renting/letting a residence. Especially because if you disagree about something it is much easier to prove what you agreed to if it is written down. Below we have templates for rental contracts as well as information that may be good to keep in mind when you write or interpret a contract.

ENG/SVE Subletting contract / Andrahandskontrakt  

ENG/SVE Live in-tenancy contract / Inneboendekontrakt

ENG/SVE Defects and damages in the room/apartment / Skador och brister i lägenheten

ENG/SVE Inventory of furniture and fittings / Möbel- och inventarieförteckning

ENG/SVE Check list final cleaning (moving out) / Flyttstädning checklista   


Regardless of what type of contract you have this should always be included:

  Contact details to both the landlord and tenant.

  The length of the rental period and rules regarding giving notice.

  The exact address of the accommodation.

  The exact size of the accommodation in square metres.

  How much the monthly rent is, when it should be paid, if there is a deposit and how and when that will be repaid.

  If the bathroom/kitchen are shared or if you have your own.

  If Internet is included in the rent or how this is to be paid if it is not included and you choose to add it on.

  A list of what furniture (if furnished) is in place upon moving in, as well as a list of damage/defects.

 Notice periods

If the rental period for example has been set to a year the landlord cannot terminate the contract beforehand if they want to move back home. A subtenant can always terminate the contract with three months’ notice. Furthermore, the landlord is legally always bound to three months’ notice when you have an open-ended contract or a set rental period longer than three months.

Terminating a contract

A contract needs to be terminated to stop being valid, both when the contract is open-ended and when you have a set rental period and the tenant has occupied the accommodation for more than nine months in total. A signed and dated registered letter (rekommenderat brev) where it is clearly stated from which date the termination applies is best. It is for example difficult to prove that an e-mail has been received.

When does the termination come in to effect?

If the notice period is three months and the notice of termination is received by the subtenant (or to the landlord if it is the tenant who terminates the contract) it is three months from the start of the coming calendar month that applies. I.e. three months plus the remaining days of the current month.

Example: If the contract is terminated on the 12th of August, it comes into effect on the 30th of November.

To avoid misunderstandings and disagreements when moving out it is best to go through the condition of the accommodation to be rented upon moving in.

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