To keep in mind when renting

The housing market in Stockholm is tough. The lack of both student and regular accommodation means it is difficult to find somewhere to live. To be a tenant or to sublet is then an option.

 Advice when renting

1.    Inspect the accommodation before you agree to rent (if you cannot visit the accommodation yourself, ask a someone else you trust to do it).

2.   Check that the person has the right to let at that address or that the subletting of the residence has been approved by their landlord or condominium association).

3.   Never pay any money to the before you have seen the accommodation and have signed a contract or received the keys.

4.   Never accept the keys to be sent to you by mail.

5.   Agree upon all terms before you move in.

6.   Ask someone else to read through the agreement (we also have agreement templates here).

7.   Check your home insurance.

8.   Make sure you always get a receipt for rent paid.

Types of contracts and fair rental

Live-in tenancy

As a live-in tenant you share house with the leaseholder or owner of the condominium or house. This is not the same thing as subletting.

Some simple tips for successful live-in tenancy:

•   Be open to living with other kinds of people than those you usually feel comfortable with.

•   Talk about how you want to live – what do you expect from each other? For example cleanliness and cleaning routines, what the landlord feels about visitors, parties, music, or anything else that is important in your life, how sensitive to sound are you?

•   Respect each other’s differences. You are probably not going to be a lodger for the rest of your life.

•   Ask your landlord before you move in what they want you to bring and what already exists for you to use. Bedding? Crockery? Furniture?

More information can be found under Live-in tenancy.


The main definition of subletting is when a private person (leaseholder or condominium or house owner) rents out their whole property to another private person. The rent for a subletting contract depends on whether the property is a rental apartment or condominium/house.

The rent of a sublet contract for a rental apartment cannot be higher that what the leaseholder pays to their landlord. An additional amount, about 10-15 percent, can be added to cover furniture.

The rent of a sublet contract for a condominium or house is normally determined by the market value of the property. The rent should approximately correspond to the amount of the so called “cost of capital” and the running costs. The capital cost equals the market value multiplied with a reasonable return interest (some percentage points higher than the Swedish Central Bank’s interest rate).

You can find out more information under Rental apartment (subletting) and Condominium or house (subletting).

Leaseholds (primary contracts)

A leasehold (primary contract) is usually a contract between the property owner (company) and the tenant. Leaseholds contracts are mainly given by property owners.

Registering residency (Folkbokföring)

When you move to study you should report your new address to the Swedish Tax Agency (Skatteverket) and be registered as a resident at your new address. This is necessary so that you for example can get insurance or apply for housing benefit, be able to vote (if you are eligible), pay the correct amount of tax and make sure your post comes to the right address.

 Useful links 

The Rent and Tenancy Tribunal (Hyresnämnden) - A legal authority that mediates in housing disputes. 

Hyresgästföreningen – The Swedish Tenants’ Association. They can advise you on your rights and obligations as a tenant. 

Flyttanmälan – Report your new address to the Swedish Tax Agency.

Swedish law

If you want to read more about what the Swedish law says about housing and different types of letting we have gathered some relevant chapters below for you to take part of. (Swedish only)

The Swedish Tenancy Act (Hyresrättslagen) (Jordabalken 12 kap)

The Swedish Condominium Act (Bostadsrättslagen)

The Swedish Act on Letting of Private Homes (Lag (2012:978) om uthyrning av egen bostad) 


The Swedish Contract Act (Avtalslagen) (The foundational legislation concerning when two people enter into a contract. Hyreslagen and Lagen om uthyrning av egen bostad are what is called ”special laws” and apply specifically to those deals that regard letting agreements.)

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