Legal advice

Leaseholders can always turn to the Tenants' Association (Hyresgästföreningen).


Condominium owners may turn to Fastighetsägarna or HSB, depending on where the condominium association is a member. If the association is not a member of any organisation you can still always contact one of the larger organisations, such as those mentioned above.


If you are in a conflict that cannot be solved between the parties you can also turn to the Enforcement Authority or the Rent and Tenancy Tribunal. It is always preferable to try to come to an agreement with together, but it is not always possible.


The Rent and Tenancy Tribunal (Hyresnämnden)

If there is a dispute between a tenant and a landlord, or between a tenant and a condominium association, and the parties themselves fail to agree, you can ask the Rent and Tenancy Tribunal to mediate the dispute. This may regard for example disputes over rental terms, transfers of leases, claims for compensation for damage to an apartment or insufficient final cleaning of an apartment.

The Enforcement Agency (Kronofogden)

The Enforcement Agency is a government agency that creates a balance between those who should be paid and who should pay. It is the Enforcement Agency’s task to help those who have not been paid, but this task also includes making sure that anyone who has a debt gets the support and guidance the need to sort out their situation.


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