Stockholm city housing

Tips to increase opportunities for first-hand contract

Plan your housing as soon as possible. 

From the day you turn 18 it is possible to collect quene days at the Housing Service's. In this way it is possible for you to gather valuable queue-time until the day you want to start look for housing. There is always short of apartments in the city, so a word of advice is to make sure to look for housing also in the suburbs to the Stockholm area, as an alternative. Be active in your searching and register interest in the apartments that is advertised.

Applying for a student apartment in the housing office

The housing Service’s in Stockholm is a marketplace that brings together student flats in one place. To search for their student apartments you must be a customer of the housing office. The apartments are allocated on the basis of queuing time and the requirements that the property owner imposes on the tenant (eg transcripts).

If you live in a student apartment you won’t lose your retains in the ordinary quean at the housing office. Anyone looking for student apartment must either be able to show transcripts or letter of admission to college, university or vocational training (advanced vocational training) in Stockholm City.


Become a customer of the housing office:


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